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Auto Restorations


1990 Freightliner FLD120, mechanical Cummins Big Cam 400, 13-speed transmission. (Update: just started and ran it yesterday, Sept. 10, 2016)

I have  been running this tractor for the last 7 years, continental 48 states on the road. It has NEVER broken down on me once.  The mechanical Cummins engines were the most dependable of any engine, and the cheapest to rebuild. Previous owner had it majored at 550,000 miles, now has 806,000 on it. Has the HIGH-FLOW large radiator and has never over-heated on me, even in the deserts.  Absolutely NO COMPUTER JUNK TO SCREW UP AND COST BIG BUCKS TO FIX! Truck has double bunk stand up sleeper. It has the good kind of airfoil on top which directs the exhaust away from the trailer so the trailers do not get black on the front corners.  I have been on the road 40 years and 4 million miles and am also a heavy duty truck mechanic. Oil and filters have been changed every 10,000 miles (one of the filters is the Luberfiner filter spin on),and I have always used 15W-50 severe service diesel crankcase oil in it. Factory spec oil pressure, truck was always plugged in with block heater below 32 degrees F. Brake shoes are all thick. It has a Jake Brake that works very well.   Many, many new parts in the last two years replaced as preventive maintenance:

1) Front steer tires have about 30,000 on them, Bridgestone 287's, I get about 250,000 miles on these.
2) Left front drives, replaced about 20,000 miles ago, all drive tires are high traction tread for maximum 
   traction on snow or rain.
3) Air governor recently replaced for preventive maintenance.
4) A/C accumulator/dryer unit replaced, preventive maintenance.
5) New heater/air-conditioner blower motor.
6) Alternator and belts replaced last year 5000 miles before I retired.
7) Coolant additive added, anti-corrosion formula.
8) New engine block heater unit.
9) All u-joints replaced within the last year. (50,000 miles)
10) New steering shaft u-joint
11) New city horn
12) New brake shoes all around ,all still at full thickness (I'm easy on brakes)
13) New front wheel seals and oil caps and gaskets (steer axle)
14) All new slack adjusters within last 1-1/2 years.
15) Newer fog lights and headlights
16) Newer battery to starter heavy cables
17) Left side drive suspension bushings replaced
18) Newer suspension air bags in last year and a half  ($150 each).
19) Newer tail light assemblies
20) Truck comes with CB antennas and AM radio antenna.
21) Extra optional (large) fender mirrors

Clutch is in good shape because I always started off loaded in granny low to avoid wear on the clutch. Has proper free play. Truck is geared for approximately 90 mph - - I had it to 85 mph ONE TIME and I still had 200 rpm left to go.  Truck is governed at 2100 rpm.  1500 rpm in 13th gear is 65 mph. Pulls strong down to 1300 rpm.   Truck is ready to drive anywhere, I will add some freon 134 to the air conditioner for the buyer, no sense in me adding it now while it is just sitting.  I do start and run it and move it every 2 weeks though.

Price is $8500 - - or possibly partial trade for an older LARGE loader, with backhoe, one that I can use to lift car bodies off frames for antique auto restoration purposes, I also need to lift large logs and other material.   ALSO would do a trade for a 1947 or 1946 Cadillac Sedanette (fastback 2 dr.)  Prefer the original engine that being a 346 cubic inch Cadillac flathead V8.  Depends on condition of the Cadillac in reference to some sort of trade. Also consider a 1951 to 1953 Hudson Hornet or Commodore 6 or 8 in good condition. Call Lance, at 815-420-5068, Rockford, IL. 61101-8391  If I am out in the shop, message machine is always on.