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1980 Dodge 150 Power Wagon 4x4 Club Cab 4-spd stick $2500

This 1980 Dodge Power Wagon 4X4 runs well, has 4-speed heavy duty transmission, (granny low), has lockouts, does NOT have that pain in the butt vacuum actuator, and the truck

carbureted, so no computers to screw up.  It is a 318 cubic inch, runs well, quiet exhaust; I have welded up the rear wheelhouse 1 inch rusted areas with 20 gauge metal, with

enough filler to cover the welds.  Pulls a magnet. Box is very solid, not rusted out on interior of box.  Not all dented up either.  Normally, I would keep this one for a

daily driver, but I have too much money and time in my 1989 Dodge regular cab W150 4x4.   I much prefer the club cabs with a stick shift, and they are very hard to find while

still carbureted and no pesky vacuum actuator.  This does have lockouts, I have tested the 4-wheel drive and it works fine.  Good title, tires ok yet, both gas tanks in good

condition ; below are some pictures I took today, which is July 4, 2014. I am still doing the final fine coat of filler over

the welds before I prime it.   Lance  815-420-5068